Orange Peels Foil Pack
Powerful orange oil formula will quickly clean metals, laminates, fiberglass, machinery, concrete and tools. Cuts through grease, oil, paint, sealants, tar, wax and most graffiti. Convenient and efficient for hand cleaning when water is not available with no rinse needed after use. Contains lanolin and vitamin E so they are safe on skin. Perfect for use as a hand wipe after working on cars or equipment. Dual texture: scrub clean with the textured side, then use the smooth side for a final wipe.

Individual foil packs are great for tools chests, in the car, on motorcycles and bicycles. Anywhere you need a handy portable cleaning wipe.

  • Material: Dual Texture
  • Packaging: Foil Pack
  • Color: Orange
  • Size: 10" x 12"
  • U/M: 1/foil pack
  • Quantity/Case: 250 foil packs/case
  • Type: Pre-Moistened