Bro-Tex Carpet Recycling

There is now a "GREEN" destination for your old carpet that will keep it out of the landfills, save valuable natural resources and save you money in the process.

Bro-Tex Inc. has pioneered the use of new processes and technologies that allow us to recycle used Post Consumer Carpet (PCC) for a variety of applications. We accept carpet directly at Bro-Tex, or through our network of collection centers. At Bro-Tex we thoroughly inspect and test the carpet by type of material and construction to determine where it can be used. The materials from this carpet could become new carpet again, plastic resin for making plastic parts, plastic drainage pipe, new carpet pad, acoustic matting, sorbent material for water pollutants or as an energy substitute for natural gas and coal.

Bro-Tex actively participates in the Carpet America Recovery Effort, CARE, with the objective of diverting 40% of the Post Consumer carpet from the landfills in the USA by the year 2012. Per the CARE statistics you will help save 440 gallons of oil, 10,000,000 BTU of energy and divert 4,500 lbs from landfills for every 1,000 square yards of carpet that is recycled. More details are available on the CARE website at

The easiest way to recycle your used carpet is for your carpet installer to take it to the carpet retail store or one of our collection sites. For the recycling of Post Consumer Carpet and Pad it must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be dry, no wet carpet or pad
  • Rolled residential carpet accepted
  • Commercial carpet accepted only with prior approval
  • Maximum 6 feet for width of carpet in rolls
  • Rolls tied with string or twine 
  • Separated urethane foam padding accepted
  • No rubber backed carpet or rubber pad
  • No carpet tile or other rigid flooring
  • No carpet scraps or trimmings
  • No tack strips, nails, staples or knife blades
  • No wet glue, debris, refuse, rocks or caked mud
  • Minimal loose dirt
  • Absolutely no co-mingled refuse accepted

Carpet and pad from individuals, carpet installers or registered refuse haulers can be delivered to Bro-Tex or one of our other collection sites as shown on the links belowFor special collections or transportation of large and regular quantities please contact Bro-Tex for information on alternative collection methods. There is a drop-off charge for carpet or pad delivered directly to Bro-Tex within the stated specifications. Bro-Tex still does reserve the right to refuse out-of-spec material and adjust the drop-off charge at our discretion. Most of the remote collection facilities charge a drop-off fee to cover administrative and handling expenses. At these sites you will need to transfer your carpet to the trailers or containers at the site. Transfer assistance is not generally available at collection sites. Please contact the collection site directly for additional information.

Bro-Tex Inc.
840 Hampden Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55114
Telephone: (651) 379-2452 ext. 303
Chris Kiesling
Drop-off container open 24/7

Place the carpet inside the enclosed container on the street side of the building at 840 Hampden Ave. There is a drop-off administration fee of $10/car, pickup or small trailer. Place money in deposit envelope and drop into the drop-box. Contact Bro-Tex for information on drop-off fees for larger loads. 

Public collection sites for residents at:

(Call for hours and fees)

Bro-Tex, Inc.
840 Hampden Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55114
Telephone: (651) 379-2452 ext. 303
Chris Kiesling
Drop-off container open 24/7 
There is a drop-off administration fee of $10/car, pickup or smaller trailer.

Carver County Environmental Center
116 Peavey Circle
Chaska, MN 55318
Telephone 952-361-1842
Check the website for open dates and times. 

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