Roger Greenberg, CEO

When it comes to maintaining a clean office or work space environment, the right tools can make all the difference.  As someone who has been in the wiping business for 60 years, I often get asked, “how do we know what wipes to use out of the hundreds on a website.” 

People often make the mistake of using rolls and rolls of paper towels to clean the break room or elevators or electronics....

Are you still using rental shop towels?
When you rent shop towels you choose a supplier, have frequent deliveries of fresh “laundered” towels, and finally, a quick process of handing off the dirty towels for washing. The process seems logical. Unfortunately, Rental Shop Towels are actually less safe, less eco-friendly, more expensive, and are not as well suited for customized use.

Hidden Fees
There may be hidden fees with your rental towels....